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utility gun

It seems like there are no old time outdoors people out there anymore!

I need to find one of these to test. To shoot it accurately try a trick I've used for nearly four decades of shooting, if there is a tree or fence post handy put your weak hand on the tree and hold the gun against the tree with your thumb. It works amazingly well.

As for what use does it have? The 12.75 inch barrel loses only 50 fps from an 18 inch barrel so no velocity loss. So you have a short handy rifle that is no less cumbersome that a Contender or Encore although the grip might be less comfortable.

You also have 15 rounds of .22 shorts. A short barrel and short stock that will fit into a trapping pack basket. YES THIS WOULD MAKE AN IDEAL GUN FOR A TRAP LINE!! It would also be a great gun to throw in a back pack for camping or even as a grouse gun, where legal (some places you can use a .22 handgun for spruce grouse and ptarmigan). Some folks out west still pot grouse for camp food while elk hunting.

This thing definitely has more uses than just fun.
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