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I'm not waiting for any uncertainty from the turn out of any elections. After the last ammo shortage, I've carefully bought (buying reasonable amounts whenever I thought I saw a good price, want to keep economics working in our favor here) ammo to build up a good buffer. I also started reloading so I don't have to rely on the manufacturers and store inventory so much. As far as guns, I have a budget for 2 or 3 nice ones a year and I use it. If the worst case were to come, I'd be bummed but at least I wouldn't be shafted as I already have a nice little collection. I have dollars for about 1 more before the election and if prices stay down, I'll pick one up (maybe a CZ75 compact, although I'd kind of like something in the AR category too). I'm actually betting that prices are driven up right now and pending the election they may or may not spike higher but then as with all bubbles, there will be a falling out and I think there will be some good sales to be had in the not to distant future after the hype and panic dies down.

So I hope to get 1 more gun for now (just in case) and I'll wait for anymore until after the storm blows over.
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