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Hi Sweet Shooter,
I will post new pictures on the week end, the mount is on and the scope aligned. The stock inletted to allowed the side base.
I started with a bore sighter, and finally verify with the rifle on a cradle, pointing the scope on a small glass insulator on the electric pole about 110 yrds from the house and without touching the rifle I look through the bore to see if I am on it. For the final adjustment nedd to find time to go to the range.
Wednesday nite I cut the bolt handle off set the replacement up on a jig and a TIG welding shop near the house weld it on thursday, I need to shaped and polish and I am done.
Yes I could have it left open sights but I have problem with my eyes that is why I tooke this route.
All ours rifles ( my son and mine ) are scoped with 3 exceptions, a .308 spanish mauser with a peep, a CZ858 and a savage 340 in 30/30 that I never fired... was missing the clip wen got it as present and never got around to buy one, I look into at gun shows... but I guess I dont look hard enough!!! .
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