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I don't disagree.....but Grade F or not's still an 870 ... I'm not sure how many custom cases were made for those 870's vs Purdy's, etc...

but I think this "box and papers" mentality is absurd / even though I hear it all the time at gunshows - especially on handguns...but the only time I'd care if a shotgun had a box - is if I was buying it as a gift for one of the kids / so I could wrap it easily.

Most higher end shotguns ...I'm going to have them in a decent fitted break down case anyway to take them to and from the range...and the original box just gets thrown out - let alone the original invoice / I don't keep boxes or papers on any of my guns ...not even some I've paid upwards of $ 5 - $10 K for...storing that many boxes is a pain in the butt....
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