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I try to use the multiple layered model of perimeter defense backed up with intel gathering about criminality in my local area to both predict, deter, and if necessary ultimately stop crime directed at my family or property.

I am currently in the process of improving my home's security plan. I am adding more motion sensor lights, anti pry plates to the doors, and experimenting with wireless motion sensor alarms to tell when people enter the property.

I already have hardened doors, a dog, firearms of various types, and practice surveillance detection techniques to catch someone "casing" the house. We also attend our local police department's anticrime meetings and keep up on local arrests in the paper to track crime trends in our area.

Currently most crime in our city happens several miles away from our neighborhood, but there have been a few incidents close by, mainly thefts from garages with the door left open.

In the future is more firearms training for my wife (from an actual instructor, not me taking her to the range and teaching her marksmanship), getting the alarm system worked out to get audible real time alarms for the backyard and outbuilding, and possibly CCTV cameras. I also want to purchase some gen 3 night vision gear, but that is years in the future due to having a kid on the way.


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