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I've always used the Sierra tables in the appendices of their reloading book to get a good idea of drop for various zero setups. IMO they're the best to figure out the trajectory of which bullet at what muzzle velocity for a given sight-in distance.
The problem is tables, any tables, is that they are only accurate if your rifle matches theirs, in their conditions, i.e. 1.5" sight height at sea level.

I don't think any of my rifles have a sight height of 1.5", and my favorite range is 4200', although there is a closer one that is about 5500'

A good ballistics program, like will give you more precise information, which you can tailor to your environment, and the more accurate information you put in, the better results you get out.

And for the record, if you put in 1.5" at sea level, JBM's results match the table in by Sierra book.
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