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What does your home defense plan consist of?

Its no surprise that in a bad economy...criminals seek more opportunities and get more desperate. There have been more home invasions and break-ins in the Philly area including suburbs than ever ALL neighborhoods including mine.

So I finally broke down and installed an ADT security system in our home last month, right before we went away for a week on vacation. We have way too many downstairs windows so I had to settle on just the front and back door sensors and a motion sensor in the main traffic area downstairs. And my wife and I use the system frequently, even on short daytime trips where we are only gone 30 min or so.

As for my defense plan for a home invasion, admittedly I dont not really have one other than to grab my 1 year old from her myself in the master bedroom, allow the ADT system to notify police and take cover in the master bedroom with my Glock26 (with night sights) on standby.

I heard a story recently from my mechanic that a good buddy of his is serving prison time because he noticed a daytime break-in, entered slowly, stood at the bottom of the staircase waiting patiently and shot upwards and killed the intruder. Well, according to the courts he should have exited his home and dialed 911. I have to agree.
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