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Originally Posted by jimbob86 View Post
Easier to conceal a smaller gun.

30yd vs. 50 yd. group size is pretty irrelevant for self defense purposes: You'd have to do some pretty vigorous mental gymnastics to come up with a scenario where 50 yard accuracy would be important in a self defense situation. If such a case did arise, you might have some difficulty convincing a jury that you had no other option than to take careful aim and shoot a guy half a football field away because you felt you were in immediate danger of death or serious bodily harm .....

The odds of you needing a gun are generally pretty small*, and if you do, ANY gun will do in most cases, because generally, nobody wants to be shot with anything. In the small minority of cases where the gun is actually fired, the odds that it will occur at greater than conversational distances are pretty small as well.....

* provided you do everything else you can to avoid bad situations and people..... if you are going to sit in your car in a part of town known for trade in recreational pharmacueticals in the wee hours.... you are going to skew your odds just a bit....
I agree with this.

Carry whatever suits you, but I doubt I'll be taking any 50-yard self-defense shots. Not saying it'll never happen, but I'm willing to bet the odds are pretty slim.
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