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Definitely make sure you get the Pro Disk, even if you have to pay a bit more (I agree that you probably wont have to).

If you are looking for extreme versatility, go with the LCT. If you want high volume, get the progressive. I load leisurely with my LCT (visually inspect each case before placing in the holder, doubletap the handle on the up and down powder feed stroke, visually inspect the charge before placing bullet, separate seat and crimp steps) and I still see 100-125 rounds/hour rates.

The real beauty of the LCT is the ease in switching between load/bullet combos within a caliber or between calibers. When I load I usually make up 1-2 boxes (50) of 3-4 different loads and/or calibers. This does two things- it keeps me from getting bored and lets me keep my stock well rounded without going overboard with a ton of inventory for each load and caliber. If I had a progressive I would do the opposite- crank out 500-1000 of each load once I get it setup.

Oh and one more thing- definitely get a second turret with your set- one for 9mm, one for .40

Good luck
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