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"however on a slightly related yet completely off topic note, one must wonder why the the M1917(nothing more than a 30-06 P14) did not go on to fully replace the 1903 springfield when it had higher ammo capacity, longer sight radius, did away with the archaic magazine disconnect switch and had more factories tooled to handle production than the 1903."

I've answered that question several times here...

The military was building the 1903, and was established to make it at two arsenals.

The 1917 was being built at three commercial contractor plants.

In order to adopt the 1917, the US would have either had to have retooled Springfield and Rock Island, or ceased rifle production and gone to a commercial contractor basis, neither of which they were willing to do.

Given how quickly, and how deeply, military budgets were cut starting within days of the end of the war, there wasn't money to retool two arsenals and replace the primary battle rifle.
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