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"So, the Mauser would in all fairness be the finest battle rifle of all time as it was instrumental in maintaining the capacity if not the success to allow the MG42 to win."

And, as I have specifically and repeatedly enumerated, absolutely bogus. If anything, the MG 42's brilliance covered up the Mauser 98's comprehensive deficiencies as a battle rifle.

":And you have to wonder why Enfield designed the Pattern 1914 if the LE was so great?"

You know, that's been discussed in this thread numerous times. Try read it again, because I don't feel like typing out the same explanation for the THIRD time, although I see Tiki didn't mind covering it, yet again.

The original question discussion was one of what was the best bolt-action battle rifle design of all time. That's a comprehensive discussion.

It was only later in the discussion that the exclusive scenarios crept in...

"What was the best battle rifle on alternating Tuesdays in November where there's a full moon over the German trenches, driving rain over the English trenches, every second soldiers has dysentery, every 9th soldier has trench foot, and the barrels are plugged with a combination of mud, bully beef, resin from the kookaburra tree, and Sees toffees..."

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