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outstanding caliber... it's the gun that makes it though.

When I turned 21 the first gun I bought was a S&W #29 (Dirty Harry) revolver… that was before harry ever got one. Mine was called a Highway Patrol model. 4.5 in barrel. That was ’74.

It cost $165 new.

After that one, I bought a Ruger Single six in 357. Always shot wad cutters, or 157gr? Or 130gr? In 357…. Sometimes I would shoot the 38spl but not much.

Concealed carry back then was sticking it in my waistband sans holster, ghetto style… and a light wind breaker, sport coat or the like. I did get a shoulder holster finally… and a western style for just fooling around out in the woods.

The thing I recall the most using the mag round was the noise. Sweet jumpin’ jellyfish! Was it ever loud. I sure loved that SW #29. Getting rid of that gun hurt. After it I didn’t pick up another piece for 30 years. Man. That was one fine revolver.

I understand now that someone makes a 7 or 8 round 357 rev. Don’t know who though, but sure would like to.

Both of mine were quite accurate too. Surprisingly so in fact. The Smith shot better, but the Ruger felt better in the grip.

One of these days…. One of these days… another one will land in here in one version or another.

Personally I think 357mag JHP 130s or 150s are probably the best cross platform round going. SD, hunting, targets, etc. Well, it and the 45ACP which I’ve moved over to lately.

Yes.. love the 357! It’s a really tuff to beat caliber.
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