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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that on a walk-about to the family blueberry field down back, from my tent blind, I spied the bottom of a soda (pop) can about 100 yards away and barely visible through the low bushes, but shining in the afternoon sun. Using a shooting stick, from a sitting position, and in a pretty strong quartering wind, I nailed it only about a 3/8" from dead center on my second shot! On the first, I had underestimated the hold, so that bullet went just over the can.

The rifle carries very well and is now my favorite walk-about gun. I can't wait to get the Leupold VX-2, 3-9x, 40 mm I ordered. The cheap Bushnell on it now was taken off my son's rifle after his dog knocked the rifle over at the house last hunting season and it fell on the objective. The scope was bent badly, causing my son to miss a deer 5 times at 40 yards!

After giving one of my scopes to him, I took a rubber hammer to the scope and after a couple of careful whacks, straightened the body and checked out the adjustments. It works well enough to use it as a spare, but the optical quality was never great and the Tikka deserves better glass.
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