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I shot the Tikka .243 Win yesterday with 85 grain Sierra 85 grain HPBT bullets ahead of 38 grains of IMR 4895, CCI LR primers, and Win cases. The first 3-shot group at 100 yards, being careful to shoot at minimal wind, yielded a perfect Cloverleaf measuring 3/8". The fishtailing wind then came up quite a bit, but the second group was 5/8". The third, a 4-shot, was 3/4" wide, but only 3/8" high.

I used wind flags and hugged the leeward, wooded side of the range, but wind swirled considerably as the session continued.

To say that I'm happy with the rifle would be the biggest understatement of the year!!!!! It shoots at least as well as my super-match re-barreled 1980's Remington 700 ADL in the same caliber.
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