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My 380 LCP is honestly the smallest gun I've ever owned, I can carry it in the pocket of my shorts... without having to wear a heavy belt to support my IWB holster for my P229 357 SIG and then make sure everything is concealed. It's also great for travel and essentially has become my regular CCW because it follows me everywhere, I can take it on long road bike trips without ever noticing it's there.

The gun is also relatively accurate at 5-10 yards.

If I ever move somewhere cold where I can easily conceal something larger, I'll go back to the Sig.

A gun is better than no gun.

Is it more powerful than a 10mm or more accurate than a 45 ACP full-size steel frame? Hell no.

Does it give me a gun in a situation I'd have to defend myself with my bare hands? Yes.
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