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Zekest Crowe

Spring of this year I purchased a brand new Cimarron 1897 Pump Shotgun for $600 (from a good seller on it never worked right and always jammed. Instead of sending it back and risking getting another defective shotgun, I handed it over to a "cowboy gunsmith". He told me it was assembled incorrect, and a "T-Block" was not manufactured correct. It is now working just OK to good.

I would place Cimarron quality right down there with Taurus.
Your not doing that company any favors to show the error's of there ways online instead of dealing with the direct source.

Now, you come on line, and you dog a company that might want to make thing's right for you, and to there products.

I think a reaction like that is kind of childish.

I feel people like that doesn't do anybody any favor's.

QC should be addressed to the company direct instead of trying to destroy a company and directly compare them to Taurus.

Point? One bad apple can spoil the whole batch.

Who's the bad apple now?
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