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Surplus Rock River Arms Resale Value?

I have an uncle who is a law enforcement officer for a state agency. He called me today to let me know that his department recently acquired some new Rock River Arms AR-15s that they apparently have no use for (my tax dollars at work) and it seems they'll be up for sale soon. The asking price? $550.

That seems stupid cheap for an AR-15. I've honestly never cared for them, and already have a Mini-14 that covers my rifle needs. But at this price it seems like it would be worth a shot, and if it turns out I don't like it I could probably sell it and turn a profit.

Now the question is: how much could I expect to get for it? As far as I know the rifles have not been used by the agency much, if at all. And I'm afraid I can't give any specifics as far as model number, accessories, etc.

But how much is a basic RRA AR-15 worth in your neck of the woods?

And how many of these things could I buy to resell before the ATF comes knocking at my door?
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