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There may be confusion over whether we are talking about "stopping" an aggressor and the damage a bullet does once it reaches it's target. It should be clear to all, and I think it is, that the only thing one can count on at handgun velocities to stop something is a well placed shot to a vital area (rifle velocities too but let's not get off track). The damage done beyond the central wound track from from a 10mm round at 1300 fps, may or may not be of significance but it is secondary.

When you say...
If it isn't reliable... then it can't be relied on nor counted.
I think their is agreement when we discuss stopping an aggressor or taking game. But to say that does not mean that there is no damage beyond the central wound track. We know that there is. At times this damage can be quite significant. It seems that you may be denying this.

At rifle velocities that damage is greater than at handgun velocities. This is one result of the greater energy transferred (and other factors). This is how we got on this particular aspect of the discussion in the first place.

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