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There would have to be standardized training requirements, and every state is different in this regard.
That's problem #1. Citizens of states with more lenient laws would have to suffer stricter requirements imposed by less tolerant states. Consider that New York would have a say in how Tennessee residents get a license.

But, I am also not opposed to a legislatively mandated reciprocity - assuming it is modeled on the way driver's licenses work.
That's problem #2. It perpetuates the idea that self-defense is a licensed privelege rather than a right.

Problem #3 is the fact that relaxed standards in some states might harm our litigation efforts. Part of the reason that Woollard is such a pressing case is that Maryland's permitting system is so arbitrary.

I do think we're better off getting a right acknowledged in the courts rather than a privelege perpetuated by the legislature.
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