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Thanks for the story and the advice. The thought of being in a gun fight needing 10 plus rounds is really something I don't want to imagine. The fact that I live in the most violent city in America means I know how to stay out of and recognize danger which to me is the first earthly defense you have.

As a cop how many times have you seen a one on one robbery or car jack where the bad guy is arms lentgh away or is the norm a wild OK corral type scene. It's one on one or one on two and if you get lucky enough to get a gun out and fire off 3 to 4 rounds they better be well placed whatever you shoot. With up close, fast, in a panic, fight or die, I need to get the threat off me and flee, not stand and exchange gun fire with the bad guy. So in real world worst case, semi auto seems less practical, I'm just an armed citzen, not a 1 man swat team.

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