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I'm reasonably fond of my Mossberg 100 ATR (.308). The barrel crown has proven a nice feature...the fluting is cosmetic. The action has gotten pretty smooth...the best feature is the trigger (accuracy is excellent also)...the worst feature is the polymer stock. It's probably the worst plastic stock this side of the stevens or Remington 770 (nowhere near the Rem700 SPS). The blueing is actually pretty sturdy as it's spent plenty of time in the mud & rain and no issues

I'm currently debating whether to buy a Boyd laminate after-market stock or whether to trade it in for a Rem700 SPS, or Ruger M77HMR (wood). But for it's price vs's been a nice buy. Others in the sub-$400 that peaked my interest were Marlin XL-7 and Howa 1500.
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