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I'm a new guy around here so I wont step on toes but I strongly dislike your thought process Palmetto....that sort of thinking lends itself to opening the gates of LOOKING for an excuse to draw your firearm.

I am a fairly liberal dem (union guy)....and a rarity in these parts and I understand that. I also dread the thought of ever having to draw my pistol in a defense situation. I really do, despite firing pistols for over 6 years.

My personal take is that once you begin thinking you are the sheriff in town...bad things can happen. I agree with the folks who said they keep to themselves and the sole purpose is to protect themselves, their friends and family.

Your post has a very John McClain'ish tone to it and I strongly disagree with that thought process. Now that being said, if you HAPPENED to be a patron in a coffee shop and -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- went down in front of you that put you in immediate danger or you saw a situation escalate where you truly thought it would save a life....then pull that 45 out and lay down some law.

Most times, a simple robbery doesnt aim for violence....they want cash and to get out quick. Insurance covers most situations like that. Remember, the "hero" factor might get you killed some day (if you fumbled & dropped your pistol etc)
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