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David White: I had looked at the Ruger as well, but it never stood out. I like the full size form factor and longer barrels of the Beretta and the CZ. I did check my local laws before looking into buying a handgun, and they are consistent with the laws of Illinois that restricts carry and conceal.

One gun that a good friend is trying to get me to consider is the Bersa Thunder Pro. It's a bit shorter of a barrel, but he insists that it's the best gun he's ever owned.

I went into a gun store today and had a talk with one of the sales guys. The place was fairly busy, but he was able to show me a Beretta 92A1 as well as a used CZ 75, and I liked the way they both looked. I'll be able to give a better impression of them when get my FOID card in and can actually handle and test shoot them. He said that the CZ 75 was difficult to get because they sell out very quickly. I guess that says something good about it.
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