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My hunting buddies son was in camp a few years ago. He was visibly upset when I returned for lunch. He had tried to sight in his bolt action rifle that morning and it would only fire every 3rd or 4th time he pulled the trigger. I asked him to show me the cartridges that did not fire. Each had a light strike. I asked him if he cleaned it recently. "Yes every time I shoot it I clean and oil it." I asked if he oiled the bolt and firing pin. "Every time I clean it". I asked if he wanted to keep it, or sell it. (I don't have a 270) He was going to sell it to me for 40$. I couldn't rip him off like that, so I showed him how to clean the bolt assembly and explained that oil collects dirt and becomes thick. Problem fixed. Don't oil the firing pin, a light coat on the outside of the bolt is advisable.

As for things to do before shooting a new gun,....kiss the wife and say thank you.. If you have one.
P.S. it was 60 degrees that day.
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