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I laughed out loud at the percentages. Over 130 people voted, as of my vote, over 85% voted NO. I didn't laugh to be a jerk, but I actually found it funny. I figured it would be a little closer than it actually was.

I unload my carry gun at home because my carry gun is not my bedside gun. Before leaving, I re-load my carry gun. If I were to carry my bedside gun, I would make damn sure to verify its ready to rock - condition 1. If I left my carry gun loaded, I would still verify its ready before going. I would hate to die because I forgot to make sure my potential life saver wasn't just a paper weight

I don't see the "yes" scenario ever happening to me. Kind of like intending on going on vacation, but forgetting your wallet at home? Isn't that one of the first things you verify? Just my thoughts on it...
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