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My love of the old .22's began in my BB gun years, with dad's "butchering gun," a sadly mistreated Remington 514. I have loved that rifle from the first time I shot it. I shoot that old style sight better than most other irons as well. I eventually grew up a few years and bought my first rifle, a Marlin 981T. 10 years, later I have 5 .22's and 4 of them are older (by quite a bit) than I am. I fell in love with the Marlin bolt guns, but decided to get the older ones. I now have 2 Glenfield 25's, a Coast-to-Coast 40, a Mossberg 42m(b), and my 981T. I will gladly say that I shoot the two Glenfields more often than any of them. One is scoped and the older one (a '72 I believe) is left iron-sighted with the older style sights. I dream of one day putting together a collection of Remington 5-teens, as that whole line is just way too cool for me not too. I also have picked up an acquired love of the old Mossbergs, the 42's, 44's, 46's, 142's, 144's, and 146's. Those guns were made so well, and love the full stocks! I just love thinking back to what these older guns have done in their lifetime, when bought used, who know's the past! I just love them!
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