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I carry a 'compact'

It is an H&K USPc40. I've checked it over a chronograph. It looses a small amount compared to the full size USP 40 I have. Not enough in my not so humble opinion to matter.

I shoot the smaller pistol just a little better than the full size. The grip is narrower and fits my hand better. So I actually have better control over the compact version.

Finally, due to the restrictions on my carry authority, I can only carry ONE pistol. The compact fits my wardrobe under all climatic conditions than a full size. The USPc is the best all around concealed pistol I have currently found; based on the above factors.

Just for the record, I have on occasion carried a standard Government Model as a concealed pistol. I have also - mostly as an experiment - carried a 4 5/8 inch Model P replica in .45 Colt. Not to mention several versions of the S&W K frame revolver in both .38 Special and .357 Magnum. So I have experience with a number of difference pistols.

However, you are all big kids and will make up your own mind.
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