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Since you do not state your location, we are left to you live in Arizona, where concealing a full-size pistol is a challenge...or Alaska, where an outer garment is not necessarily out of place nearly year round?

Yes, I know that you can open carry in both AZ and AK...but I believe the question was aimed at concealed carry.

Also, your age and your build factor into it. Speaking only for myself, as a skinny geek, I have a bit more problem hiding a big double-stack lump on my hip. And as an old skinny geek with a back surgery...I have to work hard to carry a large and heavy gun on one side--messes with my back.

On a good day, I can carry a 4" S&W revolver or a Commander sized 1911. Unfortunately, I have not had a good day in about 2 1/2 months, and carrying anything heavier than my teeth is uncomfortable.

I am confident that will change soon, and I will be back to carrying one of the above.

In the mean time, the LCP and/or the PM9 are earning their keep.
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