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I no longer own a revolver with a barrel shorter than 4". However, I own and carry 4" K and N-frames through the winter months.

After buying/trying a number of holsters, I have found the 4" barrel to be only "marginally comfortable" with an "ordinary" IWB holster.
IMHO, this is the perfect match for a 4" barrelled K-frame.

Note that the design of this holster places the cylinder above the line of your belt. If you have a good belt, it is very stable and comfortable. Re-situating the rear belt loop into the rear fastener's hole spreads the weight (much like a Milt Sparks Versa-Max) and makes the holster more stable and more comfortable.

If you buy one, or are simply interested, and want a pic or two, send me a pm with an email address.

As far as the poll goes...the words "Taurus" and "perfect" do not belong in the same thread, let alone the same sentence. Mark my vote as "None of the Above". Plenty of good used S&Ws available at Taurus prices or better.

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