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Well, I lean to the left as well.

Probably best left or put in another section but my thoughts are

I think "smirk" is inappropriate comment if you are a responsible adult carrying a gun.

You might want to consider that many of those of us that tend to "lean to the left" do so because we think that the system should not be rigged by those with the money to buy politicos so they can setup the game so they get all the wealthier and we are slated to become their peasants.

When all is said and done, the ones you will need to defend yourself from are the ones on the right wing who either have all the money or want to impost their religious values on you (funny about how corporations have become “cistizines” but our Non activist Right Wing supreme court managed to pull that piece of BS out of thin air and the protection we are also actually is found in and guaranteed (freedom from religions) is being foisted on us more and more.

Most of those with money have disdain for those of us who work our asses off.

Something to consider, our guns were never taken away, the discourse has always ebbed and flowed but the wealth of the country is streaming to the top and is now consolidated in the hands of fewer and fewer no matter how hard we work.

I can think of another country that has occurred in. Its called Pakistan. Something to think about.
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