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I too grew up in a time when half a dozen boys sittin' outside the general store drinkin' cokes with 22s leaned up against a tree was a sight even little old ladies were comfortable with. My boyhood town consisted of a gas station, that general store/post office, maybe a dozen houses and 3 taverns. The town dump was within shotgun range of the grade school and many of us would take our guns with us to shoot rats after school. When the rats grew wise of us and our tactics, we had a coupla highway bridges over railroad tracks within walking distance where the pigeons would roost and nest. When their numbers grew thin, we resorted to shootin' Minnows in one of two creeks that were close. If all else failed there were always gophers or tweety birds to stalk. Still got a small scar on my scalp from where I stood up too fast in front of someone else shooting rats. Just grazed me, but taught me a valuable lesson at the ripe age of 7. Folks were told I caught my head on a barbed wire fence. Dump shooting taught me other things too, like don't shoot at a steel tank with a low powered 22, the bullet will bounce back and hit you in the face. Folks were told that time I got stung by a bee. The welt it left looked like a bee sting and it felt like it at first too, and actually thought so......till we looked down and saw the flattened bullet layin' on the ground. It also taught me to be sure of my target. One time while waitin' for the rats to come back out, I spotted a small patch of brown fur moving ever so slowly. Having just gotten one of them new fangled 10/22s for my tenth birthday(summer of 64) I picked an opening and when I saw brown I pulled the trigger as fast as I could. To my amazement the bottomless pile of tin cans exploded and out came the largest Badger I have ever seen and it was madder than 'ell. I never broke stride till I made it home and then hid in my room for weeks in fear of two things. One, that that Badger was still alive and still P.O'd and Two, that I was going to jail for life for killing Wisconsin's' prized mascot and protected state animal............
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