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Sorry RickB, but thats bad info you got. "Normal" 45acp is around 21,000 and GAP is about 23,000 (similar to +P 45acp). For comparison, 9mm and 40SW are both well above 35,000.

Fishing_Cabin, I'm not doubting your word, but that would make you one rare bird based upon my experience and those of some of my GAP-shooting brethren. I have seen 100% astonishment from all that have GAPPED with me. The accuracy is uncanny, and it is such a sweet firing gun. It's impulse is a bit quicker than the acp and frankly is even more fun IMHO.

One side benefit of the GAP is that it holds more consistant velocities than the acp, likely due to the reduced "dead air" in the case. More consistant velocity = better accuracy (assuming all else to be equal). Additionally, it uses less powder to make the same energy, and is virtually impossible to double charge (for reloaders).
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