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Need? Let me see...

The complete pistolero requires:

A reliable, centerfire pistol or revolver of adequate caliber suited for concealed defensive purposes.

Good quality, match grade .22 lr autopistol, 'Centerfire', .45 ACP and 'Service Pistol' (Government Model .45 ACP or Beretta M9 9x19 autopistol) for NRA Bullseye matches. (These may overlap to some degree.)

Reliable handguns in .22 lr, 'minor' (.38 Special or 9x19 NATO) and 'major' (.40 S&W or above) calibers for Bowling Pin matches.

A .22 lr pistol or revolver for general plinking or hiking use.

A .357 or .44 Magnum 'belt gun' size revolver as back up while hunting with rifle, shotgun or bow (if allowed, of course).

A .357 or .44 Magnum six inch revolver (SA or DA) as a primary hunting firearm. (If allowed, of course.)

A 'suitable' formal wear firearm; sometimes referred to as a 'Barbeque' or 'Sunday go to meeting' gun. Must have decorative yet useful grips and preferably engraved and well finished. Nickel is common, but a proper charcoal blue is allowed. Silver or Gold is allowed, but one should avoid being ostentatious or gauche.
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