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Like I say, it just seems to make sense to me.
Ok, my "strong arguments" remark was based entirely on the instincts I mentioned me this makes sense. Clearly people disagree, since my position is based on an instinct, I would be open to argument as stated.
"Instinct"? That's not much of a basis for supporting an argument.

In your earlier post, you stated:
The reality is a suppressed handgun is an extremely convenient weapon with which to commit crime.
How so? A suppressor makes the handgun significantly larger, heavier and harder to conceal. That's not very convenient at all. It also doesn't make the handgun "silent."

These so called "common sense" opinions based on pre-conceived, but erroneous, notions are hurting us all in our effort to fully restore our rights.* The facts are that they are rarely used in crimes. (see above-referenced study) But even if they were, that is not enough to justify taking away the rights of the law-abiding.

The benefits of suppressors are good arguments for pursuading legislators to undo bad laws, but from a legal/Constutional standpoint, there doesn't have to be benefits (or need) to "justify" a right.

*I am handing a legal case right now in which these kinds of posts (on gun boards) were cited as evidence that public opinion is that silencers are the tools of assassins, gang-bangers and terrorists. It was argued that it mattered not that the opinions stated were incorrect or baseless, only that they reflected popular opinon.
Send lawyers, guns, and money...

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