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Originally Posted by Walt Sherrill
Re: risk of using a .45 gap in a .45 acp weapon.

How does that differ from the risk of using a .40 round in a 10mm weapon? Of the various arguments I've seen, that seems the most "nit-picky" of the bunch.
I dont see it as "nit-picky" at all. To me its about reducing the risk of inadvertantly loading a 45GAP round in to a 45ACP pistol and causing an issue. I feel its best to use the proper ammo in the proper firearm.

as to the .40S&W in a 10mm...It is something that matters to me again to use the proper ammo in the proper firearm. Which is why there isnt a 10mm in the safe now, because I currently have a 40S&W there. I know others feel otherwise, and thats their own choice. I have seen first hand a few different caliber combinations, either on purpose, or accidently with varied results.

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