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The markings don't lie.
It is a US Model of 1917 manufactured for the US Army in 1917 or 1918.
It was made for use in WW I when Springfield and Rock Island could not turn out enough 1903s. The model was also produced by Winchester and Eddystone.

Your find has been extensively sporterized with removal of iron sights, installation of a scope clearance bolt handle, installation of a thumbhole sporter stock, rebluing, and apparently drilled and tapped for two different sets of scope bases.

If it is mechanically sound and the bore in decent shape, the stock could be refinished, a scope installed, and you would have a good stout hunting rifle.

Caliber is probably still .30-06 but some were rechambered and it would be wise to check that out.

Here are some pictures of the original military configuration.
Notice the receiver sight with protective "ears", the "dog leg" bolt handle, and the deep magazine floorplate with step into the bottom line of the stock foreend. All that done away with to make it into a nice sporting rifle.

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