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The Cursed Saiga

Yesterday I was out shooting with a buddy of mine. He had recently bought 500 rounds of silver bear for his saiga .308. It appeared that the ammo was underpowered. It was cycling the bolt just enough to chamber enough, but not enough to make the hammer fully engage the disconnect. He would shoot one round, The gun would chamber a round, but it wasn't cocked. Than he ejected the round, cocking the gun in the process, and shoot one, this happened every time.

He asked me to have a look at it before he cleared the chambered round without the hammer cocked. I went over to have a look, and the gun went off while it was sitting on the table and the stock hit my leg.

It turned out that there was a burr on the disconnect that the hammer was barely stuck on, and when the table slightly moved, it shook the hammer off and fired a round.
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