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Haven't had a chance to try it first hand though as my Cougar is in the 9mm
I have the cash in hand to buy the 9mm, and will do so in a heartbeat when this is fixed. Even with it slamming like it was, I was shooting very well with the Cougar. When I moved the target out to 15 yards, and was cutting the center to pieces (I actually had bits of paper flying) the guys from the other lanes came over to see what I was shooting. I said out loud "damn I love this pistol", and one of the other guys said "I don't blame you." That pretty much sums it up really. The only thing I can add is that out of the 300 rounds of Blazer Brass that I shot through it, not a single FTF or FTE, and the cases were in good shape to be stuffed again.
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