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Hello sirdiealot and Sparks1957,,,

...there would usually be 4 or 5 of us walking through town...
We never walked "through town" with our guns.

We were right at the edge of town,,,
SW 89th St was the county line and the "edge of civilization".

North of 89th street was residential housing from the late 40's,,,
South of 89th was a few scattered homes and lots of open field areas.

Crossing that street was like stepping into a time machine for us south-siders.

I grew up on a dairy farm in VT...
I had true envy for my country cousins,,,
They could hunt small game or just target shoot any time they wanted to.

It was a real treat to visit Uncle Kid's small dairy farm in Ada, Oklahoma.

My Uncle Kid was a great old guy,,,
He only had a few rules for me and my .22 rifle:

Don't shoot any farm machinery,,,
Don't shoot the out-buildings,,,
Don't shoot up into the air,,,
Don't shoot his cows.

Anything else was fair game.

They also had a feed area that was always full of rats,,,
Natures little targets they were.


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