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Yeah... the CZ 75 Line of pistols is well know as being very accurate.

I can do 2 inch groups with my CZ in 9mm at 10 yards all the time without even trying too hard. If I actually focus on accuracy, I can get it lower.

The CZ makes me look good.

I have seen the standard CZ 75 going for $450-500 online for the basic black... with fancier finishes it can go up to $500-550.

The SP-01 is $600 online.

For other brands... it really depends on the brand, the shop, and how high the MSRP is to begin with... its easier to discount $100 on a $800 MSRP than on a $300 MSRP.

I find that $75-100 is about average for pistols in the $500-800 MSRP range, when shopping from a good shop. tends to have some of the best prices online... with a few smaller more obscure sites having sales on individual models on occasion that you might find and can take advantage of.
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