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If you're hunting in dark timber you probably won't have a shot more than 50yrds out, so a quick rifle like the cz will probably be ideal. A 150+grain bullet should be fine for cows at least. If you like your rifle and you're good with it, that's half the battle. If you spot an elk, then probably it is about to spot you, and you have about 5 seconds to do something.

Do yo have time before your hunt to bed your action to try to isolate it from any swelling in the wood?

good luck
It is pretty well bedded. I didn't bother bedding the tang but I did epoxy steel pillars into it. The recoil lug and chamber and back a bit toward the mag well are very well bedded, and the barrel is fully/generously free floated. It feels like the right rifle to walk/climb with. I love the way it points—very fast. Yes I have 154gr PSP for it.
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