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Originally Posted by G19OD
There is a current thread regarding GAPs and most of the respondents don't like the GAP for a variety of reasons. However, they usually don't mention whether or not that have ever actually fired one.

I have a GAP and like it a lot, so much so that it is my primary hand gun. It has the same frame as the G19 so I do 80% of my practice with the G19 for cost reasons and 20% with the G38 for the fun.

Please state your reasons for why you like or dislike GAPs.
Just to be pedantic, I feel I should mention that .45 GAP is a cartridge, not a firearm. I don't believe Glock or any other firearm manufacturer sells a pistol called a "GAP." Is it safe to assume that you're really asking who has fired Glock's .45 GAP model, or are you asking about firing any make or model that's chambered for .45 GAP?
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