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CCW wheel v semi

I have been armed for about a year so I am still a novice, I do pratice alot with a SR40c and a Bodyguard .38 both I carry IWB (not at the same time). Lately I have become much better with the .38 still not as good as with the 40 cal. (I can hit what I aim at but still slow with reload and back on target with the .38 the .40 takes me longer to unholster, unsafety) and I think I may trade the .40 for a .357 and just stick to the revolvers.

To each his own, but after weighing all the multible attackers, low capacity speeches, I really pray if the worst happens and I find myself needing to use a gun to defend myself 5 to 6 shots with the option to reload is enough. The need for high capacity means I am likely in the wrong place to begin with and did not pay enough attention to my area before I walked into a war zone. I think about the seceniro having to use a gun and up close, personal, quick, holding the gun, reliabilty, nerves or panic come in to play and for me that means ease of use of a wheel trumps more bullets of a semi. Plan A fire and run to take cover. Plan B reload repeat plan a.
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