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Re: risk of using a .45 gap in a .45 acp weapon.

How does that differ from the risk of using a .40 round in a 10mm weapon? Of the various arguments I've seen, that seems the most "nit-picky" of the bunch.

I understand folks who see no advantage of the gap over .45 a.c.p. But most of them are big fans of single-stack 1911 weapons, and not everybody sings that song.

I like the smaller (Glock 19)-sized package. If you find smaller guns handling the .45 acp round, with comparable capacity, that advantage becomes less valid.

One disadvantage of .45 g.a.p WAS the relatively higher cost. But, I've been buying my ammo from Georgia Arms for range use, and find that the difference in cost, once a big issue, is now a non-issue when I buy from them. The premium self-defense ammo isn't cheap for either .45 acp or .45 gap from any provider, so I just grimace when I buy.
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