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what was your biggest rookie mistake when target shooting?

Only in the last 2-3 years thanks to YouTube videos and online research....I found out why ALL of my groups no matter what caliber or distance was low and left. I almost cried with joy the day I learned what I was doing wrong!

Grip control:
I used to use the infamous rookie grip on my semi auto pistols.....full grip strength in my primary (right) hand including the hand was basically just cupping my other hand instead of wrapping it properly. Now, I use a high choke grip as close to the slide as possible.....thumbs facing forward....covering all 4 corners of the grip. No pressure/control on the pinky.

Trigger coverage:
I used to slip my entire index finger up to the 2nd joint inside the trigger guard....and squeeze hard and fast. Now, I keep barely the tip of my index finger on the trigger and squeeze slower and more controlled....the finger joint now work independently of the knuckle which helps maintain stable front sight picture.

My biggest problem: recoil anticipation
I think everyone experiences this one. You are basically waiting for a mini explosion to happen and you know its you prepare for it which throws off your entire grip and mental focus. I used to squeeze hard and fast and jerk the gun right before discharge. Now....with a proper stance, grip control, trigger finger placement and proper focus....I am able to acquire my target fast....keep a steady sight picture and keep the front sight locked on the target. Now I Slowly exhale and let the gun surprise me with each round.

Took me about 2 years to perfect these techniques but it absolutely works once you recalibrate your shooting techniques! Hopefully others with the similar issue I had can benefit as well
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