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During the Korean War (1950-1953) I've read accounts of both U.S. Marines and U.S. Army troops using the .357 magnum and the 38-44 Heavy Duty/Outdoorsman.

Evidently this become more common (unofficially) after the first winter of the war when our troops discovered that the heavy quilted paddiing of the winter uniforms that the Chinese and North Korean soldiers wore gave them some protection from the M1 carbine 30 caliber load and even the 45ACP.

The .357 and the high velocity 38-44 loads would punch through the heavy padding with greater ease. Much of the fighting in Korea (especially after it became static in 1951) took place in trenches (i.e. close range) and a revolver was a very handy weapon to have. Evidently the higher velocity loads were effective. Nothing about the type of bullets that were used though.

I actually found reference to this situation in a 1950's edition of W.H.B. Smith's classic Small Arms of the World.
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