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Price probably seems ok ...but it all comes down to condition / you didn't attach a photo I can't evaluate that / and its hard to do unless you have the gun in your hands.

5,000 the life of any decent gun is only 200 boxes...thru the gun / most of us that shoot Trap or any clays at all ...put a minimum of 4 boxes a week thru our primary gun in practice ...and then whatever tournaments we shoot on weekends...and 10 boxes a week thru our primary guns are not uncommon. Weather has been good up here in the Northwest this summer...and this week, I put 12 boxes thru my primary 12ga gun in practice - and a few more in my 28ga.

So 200 boxes would barely be casual use for most of us ...and 3 or 4 months use by many of us....

I have a lot of Browning O/U's made by Miroku in Japan / that have 250,000 - 500,000 shells thru them ....with no issues.

I know Miroku made some guns under their own label ...and for a few other companies other specs....and I don't know that they have the reputation of the guns made for Browning...but I think in general they're considered decent guns / but I don't see many of them around either - not sure why.
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