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The 1911 market is saturated. Wouldn't make much marketing sense to offer yet another slabside to the masses.
Yeah, I was saying that, about ten years ago. Apparently, 5% of the 1911 market is a much larger market than 100% of the market for anything else. It's especially curious that the new 1911s are exactly like the ones already being made by a half-dozen makers. The Remington and Ruger guns are not only all but identical to each other, but to two dozen guns from other makers.
I'd think there might be a bigger market for some specific niche, for example, the left-handed 1911, or a chambering that nobody else offers, than for yet another cookie-cutter version.
There does seem to be a market for any 1911 that's made by fill-in-the-blank, as I see posts all the time on the 1911 forums from people who have never owned a 1911 before, but are salivating at the chance to own one made by a company that also has no experience with the type.
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