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Aside from George Patton firing at a German Bomber with his Colt .32 I can't think of any other offensive use of the .32 ACP by the U S in WW2.

In occupied countries were attacks on German soldiers were not uncommon no German was allowed to go into town for any reason unless armed.
They kept any confiscated handguns, either military or civilian on hand so any soldier could pick one up if going to town to buy bread or any other reason. This were not marked or in the supply line in any way.

My Uncle (actually a cousin of my dad but I always thought of him as an uncle for some reason)had a Polish Radom he had taken from an SS Sargeant. It had been carried in a rough copy of a U S Tanker type holster that looked to have been hand stitched from leather salvaged from an old saddle. I suppose it was a personal trophy the SS man had picked up in Poland.
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