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I have very long fingers. My knuckle would end up in just the wrong place. It was annoying enouh that I have no more Glocks.

Guns that bruised that knuckle: G21, G30, SBH.

Guns that have not: 1911 (Sig, Colt, Fusion, DW, Baer); S&W revolvers (18, 13, 66, 29, 629, 442, 15); Ruger revolvers (GP100, SP101 - though the factory grips were too small, LCR - though the trigger would blister my trigger finger, Vaquero); Colt revolvers (King Cobra, 1917); Sig P autos (P220, M11, P229, P239); S&W autos (M&P 9 and 45, FS and C); CZ autos (75B, PCR, SP01, P01, P06); Walther autos (PPK, PPQ, PPS); Kahr autos (PM9, MK9); Beretta autos (Centurion, M9, PX4).

So, given that the vast majority of guns I have shot more than a few rounds through did not hurt that knuckle, I think it interesting that two G30s and a G21 did.

Guns that hurt are a distraction I do not need. The Glocks, the SBH, and the LCR were traded,away for that reason.

Edit: As I think about it, the problem sometimes arises with the Colt 1917, but that one stays due to historical significance - and it isn't a carry.

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